Since 1995, providing title information and title reports in all 50 states on more than 50,000 residential and commercial loan and REO assets.

Key Asset Information Services, Inc. (KAIS)

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An introduction to Key Asset Information Services, Inc.


Since 1995, Key Asset Information Services, Inc. (KAIS) has acted as a national central and single point of contact for its clients to facilitate and coordinate title information / title reports for residential and commercial real estate and/or loan portfolios secured by real estate. Each project and title search is customized to meet the specific objectives of the client concerning the title. Engagements may contain as few as one to as many as hundreds or thousands of properties located throughout the United States.


KAISís clientele consists primarily of private sector entities such as loan servicers, financial institutions, due diligence firms, financial advisors, asset management companies, capital markets groups, auction companies, environmental consultants and developers. KAIS works with parties from either the management, acquisition or disposition sides of the transactions.

Why select Key Asset Information Services, Inc. for your real estate title Information needs?


Customized Title Information / Title Reports: KAISís staff has the ability to obtain title information nationwide for its clients specific to their criteria and objectives, and provide it back to them in the format they specify. All of KAIS's invoices, reports and document copies are sent via email to our clients in a .pdf file format.


National Title Servicer Database & National Portfolio Tracking System: KAIS maintains an extensive database of title professionals throughout the nation to provide title information for its clients, as well as the ability to track and immediately report progress to the client on any asset(s).


National Single Point of Contact: KAIS acts as a central point of contact to obtain title information nationwide for its clients, regardless of the number, location or type (real estate and/or loans) of  assets.


Turnaround Time: Because KAIS can  immediately place the title request with experienced title professionals anywhere in the United States,  turnaround time is significantly reduced to assist clients in meeting critical time lines.


Familiarity with Title Differences by State: Unlike many other aspects of real estate and/or loan due diligence, the format and obtaining of title information by state may greatly vary.


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Significant Transactions:


KAIS has been engaged to provide title information in the private and government sectors for more than 30,000 residential and commercial real estate and loan assets in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, various Canadian provinces and the United Kingdom. Some of our more significant transactions include:

  • More than 30,000 single property searches on commercial and residential loans and REO  (typically ordered one at a time or in groups of 2-10 searches at a time by clients);

  • Bulk portfolio work (the projects listed below were each sent by the client to KAIS at once as part of large scale portfolios)

    • 5,000+ residential loan assets in all 50 states;

    • 2,044 residential loan assets in 45 states;

    • 1,000+ residential loan assets in 40 states;

    • 770 commercial and residential REO and loan assets in 43 states;

    • 759 residential loan assets in 42 states;

    • 490 residential loan assets in 38 states;

    • 475 residential loan assets in 43 states;

    • 418 residential loan assets in 35 states;

    • 417 commercial and residential REO and land assets in 37 states;

    • 396 residential REO assets in 28 states;

    • 306 REO and loan residential assets in 25 states;

    • 286 residential REO and loan assets in Texas;

    • 196 commercial and residential  loan  assets in 18 states;

    • 182 commercial loans in 32 states;

    • 155 commercial loans in 33 states;

    • 154 commercial and residential loan assets in 23 states;

    • 123 residential loan assets in 22 states;

    • 110 residential loan assets in 19 states;

    • 96 commercial REO and loan assets in 10 states;

    • 79 commercial and residential loan assets in 13 states;

    • 61 commercial and residential REO and loan assets in 17 states

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Scope of Services: Types of Title Information / Title Reports

  • Title Updates:  Generally is a report from a specific date forward (i.e., effective date of a prior policy, recording date of a mortgage or deed, etc.) to list specific items of public record that have been identified by the client such as current deed, outstanding mortgages, assignments, modifications, judgments, tax liens, real estate tax information, etc.;

  • Customized and/or Miscellaneous Title Searches: The following are typical items that are requested by clients, that may or may not be associated with a title update.

    • Title Search for Loan Due Diligence Phase - Includes current vesting ownership as well as open mortgages and their respective sub-items (i.e., assignments, modifications, partial releases, etc.)

    • Mortgage and Assignment Reports - Lists open mortgages and verifies chain of assignments

    • Limited Search Due to Foreclosure - If a foreclosure is found during the course of a title search on an asset, a report is issued showing the foreclosure (including a copy of the foreclosure deed) as well as the lien position of open mortgages at the time of the foreclosure. This report saves the client on costs associated with a more extensive title search if the foreclosure eliminated the subject mortgage of the title search request. Also, by verifying the lien position of open mortgages at the time of the foreclosure, clients can determine whether or not their mortgage was in a superior position.

    • Limited Search Due to Release - If a release of a subject mortgage is found, a report is issued that provides a copy of the recorded release. This report saves the client on costs associated with a more extensive title search if the mortgage that was released was the primary reason for the title search request.

    • Current Ownership Reports - Verifies current ownership of the subject property and provides a copy of the vesting deed

    • Current Real Property Tax Reports - Includes assessed values with current and/or delinquent tax information

    • Obtain Copies of Recorded Instruments (certified or uncertified)

    • Obtain Legal Descriptions

    • Name Search (i.e., judgments, UCCís, federal and state tax liens, bankruptcy, etc.)

    • Environmental Phase I 50 Year Deed Search

    • Obtain Surveys

    • Retrieval of bankruptcy case documents

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Robert Key - National Portfolio Coordinator email


Robert Key has more than 25 years of experience working with clients to coordinate and facilitate real estate related information throughout all 50 states including the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam and American Samoa, and internationally in Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In his career, he has been involved with more than 50,000 residential and commercial real property and/or real estate loan assets, with engagements ranging from single properties up to portfolios of more than 5,000 assets. His clients have included some of the largest portfolio management and investment firms in the United States.


As an extremely goal-oriented individual, some of his major accomplishments both professionally and personally include:

  • Past Chairman of the Board, Outstanding Member of the Year, and Real Estate Professional of the Year of the Association of Commercial Real Estate Professionals (ACRP)

  • National Marketing Director for a title insurance underwriter responsible for designing and overseeing marketing plans for more than 100 offices in 40 states

  • Consultant to major national real estate related firms in analyzing, designing, implementing and monitoring marketing plans

  • Customized software development, including both site layout and code writing, to track and report the status of various real estate portfolios to clients

  • Former collegiate golfer and U.S. Amateur Championship participant, he founded 2 charity golf events that have collectively raised more than $500,000 to assist needy families, the homeless, medical research and other charitable organizations throughout his community

  • Completed 20 marathons, including being a 3-time qualifier and participant in the Boston Marathon, the only marathon other than the Olympics that requires an athlete to qualify

  • Completed 3 Ironman events (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run) and 8 half-Ironman events (1.2 mile swim, 56.0 mile bike and 13.1 mile run)

  • In December of 2011, one of only 15 athletes in the world recognized by Ironman in their "Performances of the Year" for completing 2 Ironman events less than a year after overcoming heart related issues.

  • Published author and motivational speaker in the area of business marketing and distance running, as well as inspirational topics related to goal achievement for adults and youth

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Place a request for title information / title search


Since each request is customized to fit the exact criteria of KAIS's clients, please place your request by contacting Robert Key, National Portfolio Coordinator, via:

  • If you order title requests a few at a time (i.e., 1 to 10 a week or month, etc.)  and you are interested in having KAIS set up a customized online order form for you to order your title searches (no charge for this service), please call Robert Key at 281-480-3590

  • If you are ordering title search requests in bulk (10 or more at a time), please call Robert Key directly at 281-480-3590 to discuss the most effective way to send the information and what is needed

  • If you have any additional questions or comments, please email Robert Key